Amoplus KID Tablet

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  • In Treatment of Bacterial infections Amoplus KID Tablet is a medicine that effectively treats a wide range of bacterial infections, especially the ones which are suspected to be caused due to resistant bacteria. These infections may include otitis media (ear infection), rhinosinusitis (sinus infection), tonsillitis (infection of tonsils), dental abscess (tooth infection), pneumonia (lung infection), cellulitis (skin infection), and urinary tract infections. The presence of probiotics reduces the chance of side effects like stomach upset or diarrhea associated with prolonged intake of antibiotics. Usually, children start to feel better within 2-3 days of regular dosing. Make sure to finish the recommended course of the medicine as stopping the medicine abruptly may lead to ineffective treatment or may even worsen your child’s condition.
  • Amoxycillin (125mg) + Cloxacillin (125mg) + Lactobacillus (30Million spores)
  • Nausea | Vomiting | Abdominal pain | Headache | Skin rash
  • Amoplus KID Tablet is a combination of three medicines: Amoxycillin, Cloxacillin, and Lactobacillus. Amoxycillin and Cloxacillin are antibiotics that work by preventing the formation of the bacterial protective covering that is essential for the survival of bacteria in the human body. Together, they eradicate your infection effectively. Lactobacillus is a live microorganism that restores the balance of good bacteria in the intestine that may get upset with antibiotic use or due to intestinal infections.
  • Versatil Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
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