AntiD 300mcg/ml Injection

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  • In Prevention of Infections AntiD 300mcg/ml Injection is an immunoglobulin (also known as antibody). It helps in preventing antibodies from forming after a person with Rh-negative blood receives a transfusion with Rh-positive blood. It also helps during pregnancy when a mother has Rh-negative blood and the baby is Rh-positive. It is administered routinely during the third trimester of your pregnancy if your blood type is RhD negative. This is because it's likely that small amounts of blood from your baby will pass into your blood during this time. It is to be administered only by or under the supervision of your doctor.
  • Anti Rh D Immunoglobulin (300mcg/ml)
  • Headache | Injection site tenderness | Injection site pain | Feeling of discomfort
  • Anti-Rh D immunoglobulin belongs to class of drugs called immunoglobulin. It removes or nullifies any fetal rhesus-D positive red blood cells that enter the rhesus-D negative maternal blood stream during childbirth, abortion, or any accident or intervention during pregnancy which might lead to bleeding across the placenta.
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