Atrapar Eye Drop

Company : Biomedica International

Pack : bottle of 5 ml Eye Drop

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  • In Treatment of Myopia Myopia or nearsightedness is an eye disorder in which you have difficulty seeing distant objects but can see objects that are near clearly. Atrapar Eye Drop helps treat myopia by relaxing the muscles which enable the eyes to focus on distant objects. Use Atrapar Eye Drop as prescribed by your doctor. In Treatment of Uveitis The middle layer in the inner wall of the eye is called the uvea and any inflammation in this layer is called uveitis. This may cause sudden noticeable symptoms such as pain, redness, blurred vision, swelling etc. It may even occur after an eye procedure of surgery such as cataract surgery. Atrapar Eye Drop helps relieve these symptoms and improves eye health. It should be used as advised by the doctor to get the most benefit.
  • Atropine (1% w/w)
  • High blood pressure
  • Atrapar Eye Drop is an anticholinergic medication. It works by making the pupil of your eye larger and relaxes the muscles in your eye, allowing proper examination. It also helps reduce inflammation or swelling in the eye (uveitis or iritis). Using Atrapar Eye Drop dilates the pupils and temporarily paralyzes the focusing muscle inside the eye. It also relaxes the eyes' focusing mechanisms. This treats myopia.
  • Biomedica International
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