Atropine Sulphate Injection

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Pack : vial of 10 ml Injection

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  • In Bradycardia Bradycardia refers to a heart rate that is slower than the normal heart rate. Atropine Sulphate Injection helps to bring back the blood pressure within normal range. This relaxes the heart, treats decreased heart rate (bradycardia) and prevents any sudden fall of blood pressure or even serious complications that might have otherwise followed due to low blood pressure. It is given as an injection by a doctor or nurse in a hospital setup. It should not be self-administered. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to get maximum benefit.
  • Atropine (0.6mg)
  • Atropine Sulphate Injection is an anticholinergic medication. It works by blocking the activity of a chemical messenger (acetylcholine). This helps dry up secretions (saliva, sweat, etc.) from glands before surgery, increases a low heart rate and decreases intestinal contractions (spasms). It also works as an antidote in certain types of poisoning and reverses the side effects of certain muscle relaxing medicines.
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