Betran 8mg Tablet

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  • In Treatment of Meniere's disease Betran 8mg Tablet improves blood flow to the inner ear which reduces the pressure of excess fluid there. It is this pressure that is thought to cause the symptoms of nausea, vertigo (dizziness), tinnitus (ringing in your ears), and hearing loss in people who have Ménière’s disease. This medicine makes the symptoms milder and reduces the number of times you get the symptoms. It will be more effective if you take this medicine regularly as prescribed so try not to miss doses. It may take a couple of weeks before you notice any improvements but keep taking it, even if you do feel better until your doctor advises it is safe to stop.
  • Betahistine (8mg)
  • Indigestion | Nausea | Stomach pain | Bloating
  • Betran 8mg Tablet is a histamine analog. It works by improving the blood flow in the inner ear which reduces the pressure of excess fluid there. Excess fluid can send signals to the brain causing nausea, dizziness or spinning sensations (symptoms of Ménière's disease). Betran 8mg Tablet additionally dampens down the nerve signals sent from the inner ear to the brain relieving the symptoms of Ménière's disease.
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