Celtax 300mg Injection

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  • In Breast cancer Celtax 300mg Injection helps to treat breast cancer and it may be used alone or in combination with other medicines or treatment modalities like chemotherapy. It relieves the symptoms of breast cancer such as breast lumps, bloody discharge from nipples or changes in the shape or texture of the breast. Celtax 300mg Injection kills or stops the growth of cancer cells and also prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. Discuss with your doctor if any of the side effects bother you. In Non-small cell lung cancer Non-small cell lung cancer is one of the major kinds of lung cancer and it affects both smokers as well as non-smokers. Celtax 300mg Injection helps treat non-small cell lung cancer and may be given alone or in combination with other medicines. It is a potent and very toxic medicine and you should discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. You should avoid drinking alcohol while having this treatment and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. In Pancreatic cancer Pancreas are very essential for digestion of whatever you eat and also for metabolism of blood sugar levels as they produce the body’s natural insulin. This medicine will help to control pancreatic cancer, and will relieve the symptoms such as, lack of appetite or unexplained weight loss. Celtax 300mg Injection helps to stop the action of those chemicals that aid in pancreatic cancer growth and spread. It will help you live a longer and healthier life.
  • Paclitaxel (300mg)
  • Vomiting | Weakness | Low blood platelets | Rash | Upper respiratory tract infection | Urinary tract infection | Bleeding | Anemia (low number of red blood cells) | Flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck and trunk) | Hair loss | Decreased blood pressure | Peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness of feet and hand) | Diarrhea | Decreased white blood cell count (neutrophils)
  • Celtax 300mg Injection is an anticancer medication. It works by interfering with the microtubule structures which help the cancer cells to divide and multiply. This slows the growth of cancer cells and eventually kills them.
  • Celon Laboratories Ltd
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