Centwin 10mg Injection

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  • In Abdominal pain Centwin 10mg Injection effectively relieves sudden muscle spasms or contractions in the stomach and intestine (gut), thereby relaxing the muscles and improving movement of food. This helps to treat abdominal pain (or stomach pain) as well as cramps, bloating and discomfort. Eventually, it will help you to go about your daily activities more easily and have a better, more active, quality of life. In Irritable bowel syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic (long-term) inflammatory disease of the large intestine (colon) that usually needs long term management. This can lead to bleeding, frequent diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, cramps and stomach pain. Centwin 10mg Injection relaxes the muscles in your stomach and gut (intestine) and relieves these symptoms effectively. Usually, it is used along with other medicines for management of your condition. Centwin 10mg Injection is given as an injection by a doctor or nurse and should not be self-administered. Take a fiber-rich diet, avoid oily or spicy food and drink plenty of fluids while taking it to make sure you stay hydrated.
  • Dicyclomine (10mg)
  • Dizziness | Blurred vision | Dryness in mouth | Nervousness | Drowsiness | Vomiting | Psychosis | Diarrhea | Photophobia | Dyspepsia | Abdominal pain | Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping) | Confusion | Hallucination | Dry skin | Reduced bronchial secretions
  • Centwin 10mg Injection is an anticholinergic medication. It works by relaxing the muscles in the stomach and gut (intestine). It stops sudden muscle contractions (spasms), thereby relieving cramps, pain, bloating, and discomfort.
  • Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
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