Cyclobion 1% Eye Drop

Company : Ikon Remedies Pvt Ltd

Pack : bottle of 10 ml Eye Drop

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  • In Eye examination Eye examination consists of multiple tests performed in order to access the vision as well as health of the eyes. It helps to analyse the function of the eyes better and also figure out any problems that may be creating problems with eyesight. Cyclobion 1% Eye Drop helps to increase the size of the pupil which helps in thorough examination of the eyes and its associated structures. It is used by an eye specialist and should not be self-administered. In Uveitis The middle layer in the inner wall of the eye is called uvea and any inflammation in this layer is called uveitis. This may cause sudden noticeable symptoms such as pain, redness, blurred vision, swelling etc. It may even occur after an eye procedure of surgery such as cataract surgery. Cyclobion 1% Eye Drop helps relieve these symptoms and improves the eye health. It should be used as advised by the doctor to get the most benefit.
  • Cyclopentolate (1% w/v)
  • Foreign body sensation in eyes | Blurred vision | Eye itching | Stinging in the eyes | Increased intraocular pressure | Burning sensation in eye
  • Cyclobion 1% Eye Drop is used to dilate or enlarge the pupil of the eye so that the doctor can examine the back of the eyeball. It may also be used to reduce pain in certain eye conditions.
  • Ikon Remedies Pvt Ltd
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