Divaprol F 40mg/5mg Tablet SR

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Pack : strip of 10 tablet sr

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  • In Prevention of Migraine Divaprol F 40mg/5mg Tablet SR helps improve the flow of blood in your brain and prevents abnormal activity of muscles that triggers migraines. It is a very effective medicine for preventing migraine attacks, however, it does not treat an attack that has already started. By preventing and reducing the frequency migraine attacks, the medicine can help you carry out your daily activities and improve your quality of life.
  • Propranolol (40mg) + Flunarizine (5mg)
  • Slow heart rate | Tiredness | Depression | Drowsiness | Abnormal dreams | Cold extremities
  • Divaprol F 40mg/5mg Tablet SR is a combination of two medicines: Propranolol and Flunarizine, which prevents migraine. Propranolol is a beta blocker and Flunarizine is a calcium channel blocker. They work by stabilizing the reactive nerve cells and increasing the threshold to migraine activation. They also inhibit cortical spreading depression (CSD- electric waves that move across the brain and cause pain and inflammation).
  • Diva Health Care
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