Equirab 1500 Injection

Company : Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd

Pack : vial of 5 ml Injection

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  • In Prevention of Rabies Rabies is a serious disease caused by the rabies virus that is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals. Equirab 1500 Injection is given along with a rabies vaccine to prevent infection caused by the rabies virus to individuals with suspected rabies exposure. It works by neutralizing the virus at the wound site within a few hours before the immune system responds to the vaccine. It is to be administered only by or under the supervision of your doctor. You should not self administer this medicine.
  • Equine Rabies Immunoglobulin (1500IU)
  • Acute toxicity | Rash | Upset stomach
  • Equirab 1500 Injection is an inactivated vaccine (made from a dead virus). It helps develop immunity by forming antibodies, which are proteins that protect against infection caused by viruses present in the vaccine.
  • Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd
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