Trycipzip Oral Drops

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Pack : bottle of 15 ml Oral Drops

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  • In Appetite stimulant Trycipzip Oral Drops stimulates hunger in children suffering from long-term illness and enhances the availability of proteins for muscle mass building. It increases hunger by constantly increasing the energy requirements of your child. It promotes the desire to eat, and therefore, it is a safe and effective way of managing undernutrition or malnutrition. It helps to treat loss of appetite and improves nutritional status. In Treatment of Allergic skin conditions Trycipzip Oral Drops is effective in treating allergic skin conditions with inflammation and itching such as severe itching in dengue fever in children. It works by reducing the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation of the skin. It reduces the redness, rash pain, or itchiness caused by the skin's reaction to an irritant
  • Cyproheptadine (1.5mg) + Tricholine Citrate (55mg)
  • Increased heart rate | Confusion | Headache | Dryness in mouth | Blurred vision | Constipation
  • Trycipzip Oral Drops contains two medicines cyproheptadine and tricholine citrate. Together they stimulate the urge to eat (appetite). Cyproheptadine acts by reducing the effect of serotonin (a chemical messenger) in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain which regulates appetite. Tricholine citrate also helps in increasing appetite and spares amino acids for muscle enhancement.
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